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Aquapark Reda

Aquapark Reda

Aquapark Reda, namely much more than Aquapark!

In the land of water adventures, there are perfect attractions for everyone. Within colourful swimming pools and rotating slides you can find real sharks swimming in an enormous coral reef aquarium. The most exciting of all is the AquaSpinner, i.e. the first rotating slide in Europe!

Opennig hours

Monday-Sunday 9 am to 10 pm

Castle Pool

Water adventure in the water castle, namely the swimming pool complex.

We begin our Aquapark adventure with the castle flooded by Kraken. The fable-like finish of the pools creates a magical atmosphere. Benches with neck and back hydro-massage provide perfect relaxation. More intense experience is offered by power showers and unusual waterfall with water pouring out of the bucket. Another surprise can be found on the other side of the castle ruins – a special pool that never ends.

Shark Slide

From the shark’s jaws right into the swimming pool with real sharks, that is the best slide in the world.

No other slide like this can be found anywhere else in the world. By jumping into the shark’s open jaws, we begin a 60-meter long extremely exciting slide. The highlighted tunnel leads us through the paradise aquarium with real sharks. They came to Reda from far-flung Sri Lanka. Swimming in the pool, while you can observe one of the most dangerous predators in the world behind a glass wall, becomes enormously impressive. A very thrilling water trip has its end in the castle treasury, in the magical golden pool.

Pirate Bay

Swimming pool for the youngest with a magnificent ship with seven water slides.

After having fun in the Castle you can move to the Pirate Bay. The 30cm-deep pool is a paradise for the youngest. A toddler can play safely with other kids exploring the pirate ship. You can find there pool water cannons, seven slides and plenty of toys, whereas the best place to relax is the back of the whale. You can also have a lot of fun with the ship’s boat, installed at the stern, with cascades of water pouring out of it every once in a while.

Family Slide

The 3-meter wide and 48-meter long slide is best for the family trips.

Group slides right into the river mark the beginning of the water adventure. Wavy structure makes each slide different from the other. On the slide you can play in dinghies or without them. From the top you can see the magnificent panorama of almost the entire Aquapark.

Water Slides

The family, lighting and extreme slide – three slides which guarantee various levels of adrenaline.

The slides offer a lot of fun for everyone; both families with children and thrill lovers. Multi Adventure is a wide slide, perfect for two-person dinghies and group slides. Multi-colour tunnel with various lighting decorations guarantees the best entertainment for a larger group. Definitely faster slide with numerous bends and plenty of visual effects are offered at the other, single slide. Blue Cosmo is a space trip ending in water abyss, whereas the thrill lovers are invited to Ultra Speed vertical slide. Only those with nerves of steel can decide on a jump into water abyss to experience the unforgettable adventure of their lives.

River Expedition

The 315-meter long water route, i.e. a water expedition with plenty of adventures.

The azure-coloured castle moat outlines the water itinerary around the Aquapark. The starting point is the 3-meter wide water slide of as much as 50 meters in length. From the top you can admire the panorama of the entire swimming pool complex. The river meanders through the middle of the pool area and provides the best option to discover the secrets of the Aquapark. Along with the peaceful river current, surrounded by palm trees, we enter the depths of the volcano discovering all extraordinary attractions.



Extraordinary jacuzzi for 24 people, with bubbling lava-coloured water.

Interestingly designed jacuzzi where up to 24 people can relax at the same time; the attraction is located at the top of the swimming pool complex. In the middle there is a nozzle gushing water like a geyser every now and then. Special lighting effects create a volcano eruption illusion – the colour of water resembles the boiling lava. You can also see the volcano from "the inside" during a water expedition to its dark interior.

Wave Pool

Churning water with waves up to 1.5 meter available not only in the Baltic Sea.

Floating on the waves does not mean we are spending a windy day by the sea. Thanks to the wave ball, a special ball generating waves, we can experience rough waters. In the blink of an eye, relaxation in a traditional pool becomes a truly deep-sea adventure. Up to 1.5-meter high waves are generated by an inconspicuous "adventurous shark” looking for wave fun enthusiasts.

Deep Blue

Deep Blue, namely dive and face the sharks!

The 2.2-meter swimming pool for diving, where one wall is transparent, and behind the wall you can see real sharks!  It is available only for people who can swim. Diving with 15 sharks has never been so easy. Exceptional aquarium can also be admired from the stairs near the glass wall.

Height, age and weight restrictions

Ultra Speed

Age: 14 lat

Weight: max 90 kg

Blue Cosmo

Age: 8 lat

Height: 125 cm

Water Slides

Age: 7 lat

Height: 120 cm

Wave Pole

Age: 12 lat

Height: 150 cm

Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy a ticket online (usually few days in advance) or upon arrival at the ticket office.

Yes, outdoor parking: P1, P2, P3 are free.

You can pay for food and beverages ordered in restaurants using your band which will be settled upon leaving the Waterpark.

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