Rules and Regulations of Aquapark Reda


1.      Aquapark Reda (hereinafter – Aquapark or Sports Facility) is a recreation and sports centre in Reda at ul. Morska 5, owned by Zespół Basenów Rekreacyjnych in Reda (hereinafter – Company)

2.      Every person visiting the Sports Facility is obliged to learn the regulations compulsory in the Facility, and obey their provisions.

3.      People staying within the Aquapark premises are obliged to follow the instructions and orders of lifeguards on duty and other employees of the Facility.

4.      The Sports Facility is equipped with video monitoring system with recording. The recordings from video cameras may constitute grounds for bringing charges against users who violate the Regulation and instructions. The Sports Facility management guarantees that the monitoring system fails to violate the personal rights and dignity of the Facility users.

5.      People staying within the Aquapark premises are obliged to exercise due diligence to protect their own life and health and the life and health of other people, in particular to:

a.      learn the Sports Facility regulation and equipment regulations, and follow their provisions,

b.      obey the information signs, mandatory action and prohibition signs displayed in the Sports Facility,

c.      follow the orders and sound signals of lifeguards and the Sports Facility employees as well as announcements emitted through loudspeakers,

d.      learn and adjust their planned activities to their own capabilities, general fitness and health condition,

e.      use the equipment adequate to the type of activity undertaken, equipment in good working order, and for the intended purpose and in line with the equipment rules of use,

f.       notify immediately the emergency services or employees of the Sports Facility of any accident, injury and other incidents which may affect their safety and the safety of other people.

6.      Detailed rules on the use of particular parts and equipment of the Sports Facility are specified in the regulations of particular stations, placed near each water attraction. Each visitor using water attractions is obliged to learn the related regulations and obey their provisions. Failure to obey the regulations may lead to accidents.

7.      Persons staying within the Sports Facility accept that amateur sports and water recreation, including the following attractions: Multi Adventure slide, Ultra Speed, Blue Cosmo, Family Slide, and Shark Slide, Pirate Ship, Wave Pool and other attractions involves the risk of minor bodily injuries, such as e.g., scratches, cuts, and bruises, and the risk of tearing the swimwear.

8.      Persons staying within the Sports Facility accept that they are exposed to the risk of slipping. Due to high probability of accidents on wet surfaces, the visitors are requested to exercise special care. The surfaces provided for the visitors and fitting elements are made of materials ensuring the highest anti-slip parameters for bare feet, both slightly and completely wet. However, the visitors staying within the Sports Facility are obliged to take special care when walking on that surface which due to its use by the visitors is slightly or completely wet.

9.      It is forbidden to leave children who cannot swim without supervision in the pool hall.

10.   Children up to the age of 12 can stay within the Sports Facility only under constant supervision of the adults. Those adults are fully responsible for the children entrusted to their care and are responsible for any damages caused by those children. The guardian pays for the stay within the swimming pool area as per the valid price list.

11.   The organized groups, before entering the Sports Facility, are obliged to report to the information desk and agree on the conditions of using the Facility and water attractions. The organized groups are also subject to additional provisions of the Regulation for organized groups available at the information desk.

12.   The depths in particular zones are displayed on information boards on the walls of pools or nearby.

13.   The admission fee is charged in advance as per the valid price list and time declared by the user of the Sports Facility. The visit in the Sports Facility is charged under the price list approved by the Company Management Board. Visitors shall keep the fiscal receipt until they leave the Facility. If the visitors leave the Facility earlier, i.e., fail to use up the entire time of stay, the money charged for a particular service shall not be returned.

14.   The entrance to the pool hall is possible only with a transponder (data carrier in the form of wristband) activated by the cashier-receptionist as per the purchased service. The wristband shall be fastened on the wrist.

15.   The transponder gives the visitors access to the facilities and zones within the Sports Facility as per the purchased services and is settled and returned at the exit. Upon leaving the Facility, the number of wristbands must be equal to the number of visitors leaving the Facility.

16.   The collection of transponders shall mean that the user agrees to obey all regulations and other orders issued to ensure their safety within the Sports Facility.

17.   The total charge for using the facilities and any possible surcharge for overrun of paid admission time within the Sports Facility shall be settled upon leaving the Facility.

18.   The admission time and the related charge are calculated as of the moment when the wristband is activated at the cash desk at the entrance until the transponder is scanned at the exit by the cash desk personnel.

19.   The admission allows the user to single entry to the swimming pool area. Leaving the Sports Facility through the exit gate shall mean the user finished his/her visit in the Facility.

20.   In case of damage or loss of the transponder, the user shall pay a fee in amount of:
green, orange, blue and red wristband - 200 PLN, yellow wristband – 50 PLN. The cashier coordinator with a committee and security service employee can open the locker in the presence of the interested persons.

21.   Any discount admission fee and family ticket are specified in the price list and available after presenting relevant documents (if the child’s age is questionable the personnel have the right to verify the date of birth).

22.   Aquapark provides special rooms with baby changing tables for mothers/fathers with small children. For assistance, the parents are requested to report to the reception.

23.   The Sports Facility Management may temporarily limit access to Aquapark due to the exceeded maximum number of visitors. Due to the seasonality (weekends, holidays, school-free days), the visitors should expect high attendance within the Facility.

24.   The visitors are allowed to enter the Sports Facility 60 minutes before the closing time at the latest.

25.   Before entering the cloakroom (leading to the changing rooms) the visitors shall change their shoes to pool footwear (shower sandals, flip-flops, etc.) , and wear them within the swimming pool hall and the entire Facility. Once the user finished his/her stay in the Facility and changed clothes, pool footwear can only be changed to regular shoes after leaving the changing rooms.

26.   Clothes can be changed to swimsuits/swim shorts in the changing rooms.

27.   Staying in the changing rooms and nearby is allowed only for the purpose of changing clothes.

28.   Since the changing room area is monitored the visitors should change in the designated changing rooms.

29.   The visitors using the pool hall and SPA are obliged to place and keep their clothes, bags and other belongings brought into the Sports Facility in the cloakrooms in the designated lockers. Any valuables must be deposited in designated deposit lockers before entering the cloakroom.

30.   The Sports Facility management bears no responsibility for any belongings left unattended.

31.   Before leaving the changing room and entering the swimming pool area the visitors should make sure that their locker has been locked. The Sports Facility management bears no responsibility for belongings left in open or incorrectly locked lockers, including money and valuables.

32.   Before entering the swimming pools every visitor is obliged to wash his/her body thoroughly under the shower using proper cosmetics or soap (also after using the toilet) and disinfect their feet.

33.   Within the swimming pool area, it is compulsory to wear only clean swimsuits/swim shorts meeting the hygienic and aesthetic requirements, with no zippers or other metal or plastic elements that may pose threat to the health or safety of the users and also cause damage to the fittings of Aquapark equipment:
a) for women one-piece or two-piece tight-fitting suits
b) for men bathing trunks or swim shorts.

34.   Children under the age of 3 (3-year-olds) using the pool are obliged to wear disposable swim diapers. Children under 3 years of age can use the Sports Facility free-of-charge.

35.   The Sports Facility cannot be entered by people with health problems, people who suffer from diseases that may be dangerous for other users of the Facility and people with sticking plasters and bandages.

36.   People with disabilities using the pool and moving around on wheelchairs are obliged to move to a pool wheelchair available for them in specially prepared rooms.

37.   Lifeguards are dressed in yellow T-shirts bearing ‘RATOWNIK’ writing and red shorts, the managers – white T-shirts.

38.   The emergency service centre is located to the left from the entrance from the changing room to the pool hall. People who require first aid or guardians looking for children are asked to report to this centre.

39.   In the swimming pool area, the following sound signalling system is applicable:

a. voice message broadcasted through DSO (Audible Warning Signal) – call to immediately leave the zone by all users and to follow further orders of lifeguards or the Sports Facility administration

b. whistle signals performed by emergency services:

- two short whistle signals – warning

- one long whistle signal (2-3 seconds) – emergency operation

- 3 short whistle signals – end of emergency operation

40.   The visitors use water attractions at their own risk. People with ill health can use water attractions with due care (or after consulting their doctor).

41.   The emergency services supervise all swimming pools and water attractions and paddling pool for children. In the paddling pool the children shall be under constant supervision of their guardians.

42.   The Sports Facility zones and water attractions may be temporarily closed down. They are marked with prohibition signs and their use at that time is forbidden.

43.   In order to ensure hygienic conditions and safety of people staying within the Facility, it is forbidden to:

a.      enter the water despite the lifeguards’ ban, when the pool is not attended by any lifeguard and during rescue operations,

b.      enter the Facility under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs,

c.      bring in and use narcotic drugs and drink alcoholic beverages, except for beverages with reduced alcohol content purchased within the Sports Facility.

d.      wear swimwear and use objects which are not clean or may enter into chemical reaction with water,

e.      enter the water near the pools marked „swimmers only”, if one cannot swim,

f.       dive and jump into the water without permission or despite the lifeguard’s ban,

g.      bring in glass packaging, cans, sharp tools, weapon and other dangerous objects,

h.      run, push and throw others into the water, make noise and behave in manner endangering own safety and the safety of other users of the Facility,

i.        cause false alarms,

j.        throw any objects into the water,

k.      perform gymnastic exercises on pool entrance ladders and railings,

l.        enter and exit the swimming pool outside the designated places (ladders, steps),

m.    climb the rescue stations and use the rescue equipment except for accidents,

n.      litter and contaminate the area and the pools,

o.      use soap and chemical substances within the pool hall,

p.      damage the equipment and fittings of the Sports Facility,

q.      move the movable equipment without the permission of lifeguards or staff,

r.       use mobile phones in changing rooms and showering area,

s.      bring in music and audio equipment,

t.       smoke tobacco,

u.      chew gum and consume food products in the pool hall, changing rooms and showers; except for wet bar and designated area around the bar;

v.      leave flip-flops in communication areas and pool overflow areas,

w.     bring in animals, vehicles (roller blades, bicycles, skateboards, carriages) and object obstructing movement in the Sports Facility,

x.      climb the low walls around the pools, sculptures, railings, flower stands, rocks, lane lines and other structural elements and fittings not intended for such purpose,

y.      relieve oneself in places other than toilets,

z.      visitors are obliged to exercise special care while moving around the Facility. People with difficulty in moving are obliged to inform the Facility employees about it before entering the Facility areas.

44.   Lying in deckchairs is allowed in designated areas of the pool hall. It is forbidden to place the deckchairs and chairs in the swimming pools and within 2 meters around them.

45.   Persons wearing glasses and contact lenses wear them at their own risk. Persons wearing the correction glasses within the pool hall are obliged to fasten them in a way that prevents them from falling.

46.   The use of dryers and other electric equipment is allowed only in the Sports Facility dry zone.

47.   The use of cameras and video cameras within the Sports Facility is allowed only for private use.

48.   Entry to the Sports Facility shall mean that one agrees on recording and disseminating on various data carriers the images of people using the Aquapark services, for marketing purposes only (in particular on social media portals). If you do not agree on recording and disseminating your image, you should express that clearly to the Sports Facility staff recording your image.

49.   You are allowed to bring in and use your own sports and recreational equipment within the Sports Facility only after receiving consent from the Aquapark staff.

50.   Persons who stay within the Sports Facility and disturb public order and good customs, use vulgar language, pose a threat to other people in the Sports Facility, and persons who fail to comply with the provisions of this Regulation and orders of security guards or the Facility staff may be removed from the Facility, irrespective of whether criminal proceedings or civil proceedings are instituted.

51.   Persons who destroy or damage the equipment or fittings of the Sports Facility shall bear full financial responsibility for the damage caused.

52.   Any items found within the Sports Facility must be returned to the Facility staff. The changing room staff releases the items after identifying them by the owner within up to 7 days from the data of their loss, excluding food articles which due to its specificity shall not be kept by the personnel.

53.   It is forbidden to run within the swimming pool area, without the consent of the management, any business activity, in particular commercial, marketing and service activity, including distribution of leaflets, sale of goods, offering and rendering services and private swimming lessons against payment.

54.   The Facility provides their clients with free-of-charge, unguarded outdoor car park.

55.   Observations and proposals shall be submitted at the information desk.

56.   Other issues not specified herein shall be governed by the general provisions of law and the Sports Facility management.

57.   Aquapark Reda shall bear no responsibility for any events resulting from non-compliance with this Regulation.

58.   Legal grounds for processing personal data arise from art. 6 item 1 p. b of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - processing is necessary for the performance of a contract (rendering services). Persons whose data are processed have the right to access the data, rectify, erase, object to processing and request to move the data to another data controller, as well as the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority – President of the Personal Data Protection Office. The data shall be processed during the period indispensable to render the services. You can contact the personal data controller by phone at 58 382 35 00 or via electronic mail –


APPROVED ON: 01.03.2021


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