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Discover our secret to relax

Treatments for Body and Soul  

Discover our secret to relax

Massages and skincare treatments at Aqua Spa&Saunarium Reda!

The newly opened wellness zone offers a wide range of massages and skincare facial and body treatments. Take care of your body and soul during relaxing and healing treatments. We use the best cosmetics which help us provide the best care for your skin. The offer includes classic body modelling treatments, traditional massages and more stimulating ones, e.g. massage with bamboo sticks.

Opennig hours

Monday- Friday: 14:00 - 22:00

Saturday-Sunday: 12:00 - 22:00


Classic body massage

TIME: 55 minutes PRICE: 160 PLN

Massage combining the elements of therapeutic and relaxing massages. The massage can boost your energy as well as clear your head. All depends on the massage technique, pressure and intensity of the performed massage. During the classic massage various techniques are applied, such as stroking, pressing, pummelling and kneading. As a result, you can feel better, the muscles become relaxed and your nerves are soothed. It is recommended to take several sessions to obtain even better results.

Relaxing massage + aromatherapy

TIME: 55 minutes PRICE: 180 PLN

This massage aims at calming the nerves and relaxing the body. The massage combined with aroma-therapeutic oil will enhance relaxation even further. This massage involves gentle techniques, such as stroking. Slow, gentle strokes can tone the muscles and nerves leading to full relaxation.

Foot massage

TIME: 45 minutes PRICE: 120 PLN

Foot massage involves, e.g. massaging the planta, top of foot, toes, ankles, calves and knees. By pressing reflexology areas on your feet, the massage helps removing toxins from your body, improves sleeping, and eliminates the feeling of „heavy legs”. By using the palm, fingers and wooden stick, the massage therapist is applying various techniques to stimulate foot and calf reflex zones.

Modelling massage with bamboo sticks and brushes

TIME: 60 minutes PRICE: 190 PLN

Massage with bamboo is used to activate deep tissue. Performed with the use of special bamboo sticks, the massage is very relaxing and healing. Special sticks knead the muscles, which leads to their immediate relaxation. At the same time, blood and lymph circulation is activated and any pain is relieved. The treatment improves skin elasticity, which helps modelling the body.

Coconut stamps massage

TIME: 60 minutes PRICE: 200 PLN

Relaxing body massage with the use of cotton „stamps”. Healing stamps are made of various, warming blends: coconut shreds, lemon, lavender or herbs selected by the customer upon booking the massage. The massage with stamps provides exceptional relaxation and nice feeling of warmth, relaxes the muscles, boosts blood circulation, removes toxins from the body, stimulates the body to regenerate and rebuild cells in the body and alleviates the pain. Moreover, the skin becomes smooth, rejuvenated, moisturized and regains its healthy tone.

Green Tea Treatment

TIME: 80 minutes PRICE: 220 PLN

Relaxing anti-oxidative treatment. It begins with fruit peeling (orange, apricot seeds), then green tea effervescent mask is applied and finally the cream with bamboo extract. The treatment provides moisturising and smoothing effects and the effervescent mask soothes and rejuvenates the skin.

Euphoria of Senses

TIME: 90 minutes PRICE: 230 PLN

The treatment is divided into two stages. First, the peeling butter with saffron is applied on the body, and then special chromatic oils on areas corresponding to particular chakras. At the end, harmonizing massage is performed with aromatic Tridosha oil, combining relaxing and soothing techniques.

Power of Fruits

The treatment protects and improves microcirculation of lower limbs. With its cooling properties, the treatment removes the feeling of heavy legs caused by water retention. It provides the feeling of lightness, refreshment and good mood.

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