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Aqua Spa & Saunarium

Take extraordinarily relaxing journey

Aqua Spa & Saunarium

The modern relaxation zone offers as much as five saunas with the largest dry sauna in the north of Poland, for as many as 70 people. Moreover, we offer: the Finnish sauna with temperature up to 95 degrees Celsius, more relaxing dry salt sauna with salt brick wall (of 50 degrees Celsius), 60-degree Celsius forest sauna with relaxing birch aroma where we organize the Tibetan singing bowl sessions providing deep relaxation thanks to the „singing” sounds and Kashubian sauna – outdoor sauna, especially designed for sauna shows.

Apart from saunas, we offer: skin icing room, tub with cold water, the Mediterranean bath, the Baltic bath, outdoor terrace and lounge with the view of the reef aquarium. The sauna world in Aquapark Reda is a non-textile area, which means we use no swimwear but you can cover your body with a towel, shawl or sarong. The simple and clear rules will help everyone to reach deep relaxation and enjoy it for as long as possible.

Opennig hours

Monday- Friday: 14:00 - 22:00

Saturday-Sunday: 12:00 - 22:00

Amber Sauna

Dry sauna made of balsam fir, designed for special sauna events for max. 70 people. Two stoves located in the middle of sauna create an amazing effect of spreading the healing steam by the sauna master. Whereas, the play of light gives a magical atmosphere and ensures serene relaxation.

Kashubian sauna

External sauna with local weather conditions, where relaxation sessions are organized with the use of natural aromatic oils. The sauna becomes especially enchanting in the evening when beautiful colour of spruce tones in the sauna internal lights. A meeting place for sauna shows enthusiasts.

Salt sauna

Dry sauna with one wall made of salt blocks from the Dead Sea. Thanks to lower temperature, it is also available for people with high blood pressure and couperose skin. The presence of halite blocks enables the skin to absorb valuable minerals from the salt:  iodine, bromide, calcium and magnesium. These elements play an important role in preventive healthcare related to throat inflammation, laryngitis, bronchitis and pneumonia, as well as allergies.

Finnish sauna

Traditional dry sauna with the temperature of ca. 100 degrees Celsius. The best place for regular visitors in our saunarium. Perfectly designed interior and care provided by the sauna master ensure perfect respite. Sauna sessions are beneficial for our respiratory system and strengthen the immune system.

Forest sauna

Dry sauna with temperature of ca. 60 degrees Celsius with a beautiful scent of birch adjusted at regular intervals. Aromatic mist and exceptional session with the sounds of Tibetan bowls guarantees the best respite.

Steam sauna

Two saunas: Mediterranean and Baltic with almost 100 percent of humidity. Wonderful steam that envelopes the body is provided in two aromas: Japanese mint and lemon, which ensures perfect moisturising effect and skin rejuvenation

Other attractions

Ice cave, experience showers, cooling chambers and exceptional resting room with a view of the coral reef aquarium complete the saunarium offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nie, ale z takich pomieszczeń jak łaźnia, grota lodowa, prysznice korzysta się nago. Natomiast w saunie suchej można być okrytym ręcznikiem.

Tak, można spotkać nagą osobę np. jak wychodzi z łaźni czy spod prysznica. Niemniej poruszając się między korytarzami należy zakrywać się ręcznikiem.

Nie, świat saun jest strefą beztekstylną i nie można przebywać w strojach bądź wbieliźnie. Takie saunowanie jest niehigicznie i szkodliwe dla zdrowia, ponieważ w saunach jest od 80 do 100 stopni, co może spowodować odbarwienia materiału, a nawet skórne poprzenia. 

Minimum dwa duże ręczniki, klapki i dobry humor :)

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