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Unique water park with sharks!

Unique water park with sharks!

Black Tip Sharks – these are sharks that can be admired in our aquarium! They came to Reda from far-flung Sri Lanka. These exceptional predators can most frequently be found in the tropical waters of all the world’s ocean. They usually live at a depth of max. 30 meters, and can also be met in estuaries, river mouths and shallow lagoons. Their characteristics feature involves black tip fins.

People frequently ask how big they can grow? An adult female can be ca. 220 cm in length, and an adult male ca. 180 cm!

What do they eat? They mostly eat fish but also cephalopods and shellfish. The aquarium where the sharks live can hold as much as 330 000 litres of water and is 4.5 meters deep.

Opennig hours

Monday-Sunday 9 am to 10 pm

Where can you meet sharks?

Aquarium with sharks

Aquarium with sharks – free-of-charge zone with a beautiful aquarium. One of the largest water tanks of this type in Poland. The aquarium can hold 330 thousand litres of water. A special system simulates the lunar and solar phases to reflect, as precisely as possible, the sharks’ natural living conditions. The real coral reef and about 700 different species of fish provide a fraction of the sharks’ underwater world.

Shark Slide

From the shark’s jaws right into the swimming pool with real sharks, that is the best slide in the world.

No other slide like this can be found anywhere else in the world. By jumping into the shark’s open jaws, we begin a 60-meter long extremely exciting slide. The highlighted tunnel leads us through the paradise aquarium with real sharks. They came to Reda from far-flung Sri Lanka. Swimming in the pool, while you can observe one of the most dangerous predators in the world behind a glass wall, becomes enormously impressive. A very thrilling water trip has its end in the castle treasury, in the magical golden pool.

Deep Blue

The 2.2-meter swimming pool for diving, where one wall is transparent, and behind the wall you can see real sharks!  It is available only for people who can swim. Diving with 15 sharks has never been so easy. Exceptional aquarium can also be admired from the step near the glass wall.

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