Rules and Regulations of Aqua Spa & Saunarium Reda

1. The Saunarium is an integral part of the „Aquapark Reda” swimming-pool complex situated in Reda at ul. Morska 5, managed by Zespół Basenów Rekreacyjnych w Redzie sp. z o.o., subject to the Aquapark Reda General Regulation and these Rules and Regulations.

2. Before you enter the Saunarium, you have to read these Rules and Regulations and the Aquapark Regulation.

3. The visit in the Saunarium shall be tantamount to the acceptance of all the provisions arising from the Regulations.

4. Upon visiting the Saunarium you shall definitely follow the provisions of these Rules and Regulations, the Aquapark Regulation, rules for using the Saunarium, instructions and information provided by the Saunarium personnel.

5. The visit in the Saunarium shall mean the acceptance of sharing the space with naked or partially dressed people.

6. The Saunarium comprises sauna rooms (dry sauna rooms and baths), relaxation room, showers, cooling banya, outdoor terrace and outdoor sauna.

7. All visitors to the Saunarium shall bear full responsibility for their health and declare to be in good physical state.

8. Contraindications against using sauna facilities:

- skin lesions, skin dermatitis, open wounds

- cardiorespiratory diseases, high blood pressure, vascular diseases

- thyroid diseases, claustrophobia, epilepsy, acute rheumatic diseases 

- acute infections and asthmatic diseases 

- increased body temperature

- pregnancy and menstruation  

- being under the influence of alcohol or other narcotic drugs

9. The Saunarium is the silence zone; visiting the zone you agree to keep silence. Loud conversations, shouting and other behaviour that may disturb others are forbidden.

10. The sauna can be services and the equipment in the Saunarium can be adjusted only by the personnel of the sports complex.

11. People who visit the Saunarium are obliged to keep the rooms and equipment clean and tidy.

12. Saunarium is a non-textile zone you enter with no swimwear.

13. Before you enter the Saunarium you have to: 

- take off any metal objects and jewellery,

- use the shower, wash the whole body and dry with a towel.

14. People who enter the dry sauna shall enter the zone naked or wearing special sauna cloth (towel, pareo, bath sheet) meeting the hygiene standards, with no plastic or metal elements.

15. You can use the baths, cooling banya and showers naked only.

16. You can use the other rooms not specified in p. 14 and 15 wearing only sauna cloths.

17. Before sitting down in the steam sauna, rinse the area with water, before and after use.

18. While sitting down or lying in the dry sauna spread the towel so that no part of the body could touch the wooden benches (including your feet).

19. Upon leaving the dry or steam sauna you have to take a shower before entering the cooling banya.

20. You are not allowed to use own liquids, extracts, oils or other substances while staying in the dry or steam sauna.

21. Before each aroma session performed by the Saunarium personnel there is a 5-minute technical break in the sauna for steaming.

22. You are not allowed to place any objects, e.g. towels, pareo, bath sheets near the sauna heater since it may cause fire.

23. In the zone it is forbidden to:

- wear clothes, swimwear and footwear other than flip-flops.

- bring in and use mobile phones and any devices used to record image or sound

- run and make noise and have loud conversations

- bring in alcohol, alcoholic beverages or other abusive substances  

- bring in glass packaging, bring in and eat food, smoke cigarettes 

- destroy and damage the Saunarium equipment

- behave indecently, or behave in a manner generally considered indecent    

- move around within the public zone without wearing any clothes   

- make use of other facilities and zones (including banya) without taking the shower first, after leaving the sauna or baths 

24. Any behaviour that may cause discomfort among other sauna visitors is forbidden. The sauna personnel have the right to turn out any person who fails to follow the Regulation.

25. Persons who fail to follow the Regulation may be removed from the sports complex without the right to claim the return of incurred costs of their stay.

26. Aquapark Reda shall not be responsible for events resulting from failure to follow these Rules and Regulations and the Aquapark Reda General Regulation.




APPROVED ON:  26.01.2017


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