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The exotic animals from around the world are now close at hand. While visiting the GADOLAND you can stand face to face with the largest snakes in the world, see various lizards and frogs, and admire enormous spiders. It is possible to purchase "a short presentation" providing numerous interesting details from the world of animals. There is a possibility to touch and photograph the selected reptile. Another attraction involves participating in a crocodile or another reptile feeding session. Now, you can see for your own eyes how exceptional and mystical these animals are!


Opening hours

Weeks and holidays 10:00-18:00


Regular ticket: PLN 20 per person

Reduced/family ticket*: PLN 15 per person

Children up to 3 years old ARE FREE of CHARGE

*Family ticket - a family of 3 people, minimum 1 child aged from 3 to 18 years old

Possibility to buy a private tour: total amount - PLN 80 for individuals and groups up to 15 people (note that due to Owner's scheduled private tours, please contact us earlier to book the appointment).

Guided tours are an opportunity to get an exclusive Hands-on experience with many reptiles at The Gadoland.

Our animals





Monitor lizards

Geckos and other lizards



Insects and other

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